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The entire Star Wars idea came from George Lucas’s Communist sympathies.

His heart was with the Vietcong, fighting America. In his deluded mind, the Evil Empire was America, and the Rebellion Resistance were the good Vietcong Communists.


In reality, Communism murdered 100 million in a century.

Of course, Communism loves aberrant sexuality and drugs, as they both distort the thinking, and make the monstrosity of Communism more acceptable to a not yet seared conscience.

Luke Skywalker’s character is a hardcore leftist today. Perfectly natural.

Art is often hijacked by Communists, to manipulate the naive masses.

Communism did so well in Russia and China, because literacy was quite neglected, and corruption was rampant.

Watch out!

Half of America is now functionally illiterate, and we have the highest levels of corruption in our history.



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