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Re: My Immigrant Wife Just Became a Citizen and will be Voting For Trump in 2020 and 2A for Life in the USA. Fuck everything else.

Congratulations to your wife on doing citizenship RIGHT!

Here's the manual on how to get a girl pregnant:

It sounds simple, but Patriotic Americans usually have trouble with this. Get started immediately and you should be able to fit in 4 or 6 before you're both 42. Protip, use Fertility drugs and become Octomom.


You might be joking — but there is a Demographic Timebomb ticking away unless y’all don’t start making babies in Nigerian numbers.

Maybe our Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota can encourage some classes for how western men can learn to breed like Nigerian Muslims, who keep their women beaten, submissive, uneducated, unincumbered by jobs, under black trash bags, and pregnant, constantly, from age 13 to 42. Maybe federally required Quaran-Sharia study courses along side bible studies at Churches.

There has to be some kind of mysterious Islamic secret to this beautiful enriching fertile culture. We're going to need Sherlock Homes to crack this case and figure out what the hell is going on.

Seriously though. Pede’s need to be fucking like the future of this country depends on it!

I've been seeing this in the eyes of women at the gym, maybe it's just me.

Girls be realizing that the western experiment of freedom and equality of gender of the last 250 years may suffer a regression to the mean, due to yet another rediscovery of why those cavemen wrote the Genesis 1 in the bible. Eve was and still is the destroyer of civilization.



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