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(commenting on an article about why Christian adoption agencies shouldn’t discriminate against homosexuals)

I guess if I need advice on how to be a moral Christian, I won't need to read the Bible anymore. I can just consult Michael Reagan. He doesn't seem to have a problem with judgement. He's got it all locked down.

If Michael Reagan knew scrap about how precious children are in the eyes of the Lord, what the Bible says about homosexuality and those who practice it, and what the Lord, Himself said about those who offend children, he'd know better than drop a load of sanctimonious, judgemental, phony, fake-righteous crap like this. How does surrendering children into households of LGTBQ people keep a Christian unstained from the world? For a Christian, it does exactly the opposite. By what moral authority do you tell Christians they should be willing to do that? There is nothing in the Bible that tells Christians they should do such a thing, and most certainly not in the name of Christ. The Bible takes sexual perversion very seriously, and doesn't care who calls it "love".

Using children to moralize a leftist political argument is a thing democrats are very good at, isn't it? Moralizing every political issue and politicizing every moral issue, done by sanctimonious, self-righteous democrats, is exactly what created the mess the country is in today.

Throwing babies away with the bath water never has been, and still isn't a good ideal. It certainly isn't a Christian one, so don't expect Christians to cow-tow to your personal moralizations. If YOU really care about Jesus' children, Mr. Reagan, think on that for a while.

You seriously want to help? Then help get the 800 pound LGBTQ/democrat imposed government bear off the backs of Christian organizations. Christians can't even bake cakes or sell flowers, can't even say a man is a man and a woman is a woman without getting that bear on their backs, right here in the "land of the free and the home of the brave". Why don't you do something about that? Why don't you defend and aid Christian adoption agencies rather than condemn them? You certainly have more clout than I would.

The world's not perfect, Mr. Reagan. Get over it. This judgemental, anti-Christian (not to mention anti-Trump) diatribe of yours is pathetic.



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