English Motherfucker

Do you speak it?

Speedloader #racist #sexist incels.is

[RageFuel] Sheboons, noodle bitches and criminal’s fuckpillows (latinas) smv mog cumskin foids in russia to hell and back

I fucking hate that I can’t get noodle or sheboon because MUH EXOTIC PUSSY in russia

how does a sheboon mog a russian foid? image

No idea but in slavlands sheniggers are worshipped more. Nigga foid smv in russia = cumskin foid smv x 10. And slim nigga smv mogs them all combined (slavlands only).

Wrong. You can just Russian far eastmaxx for that Tatar/Tuvan/Yakut pussy.

Cope. They are muslims and I’ll get beheaded if i tatarmaxx. And tuvans are the most low inhib dark triad rices on earth

Then go to Kalmykia and bang their foids. Kalmykia is mainly buddhist, so now you don't have an excuse.

Just go into third world lands theory

Isn't most of Russia outside St Petersburg and Moscow third world? There is plenty of Turkic/Mongolic foids in Russia, ripe for your taking, buddy boyo.

Moscow /peterburg are third world and places outside them are fourh world :lul:

Wanna trade places? My goal is to be with a slavic women.

Ehtnic cels want white foids Whitecels want ehtnic foids Couldn't you all stick to your own ?

I own nothing



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