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I made a terrible mistake back in 2004. My son who was nine years old at the time and liked to collect these funny looking cards that all the boys his age were into. My mistake was I didn't do my homework and check the cards or the television cartoon out before giving him permission to play with them and bring them into our home. Things starter happening to him and the little boy across the street who also collected the cards. My son started seeing non existing people (demons, and a man that wearas a black coat) his mother a psychology major and a minister took him to the doctor to rule out an underlying medical condition related to mental illness. The doctor said my our son was just depressed and put him on stong anti depressants. Three months into his medication theraphy, he continued to see these aparitons. Things got to the point where a letter "X" appeared in the form of a whelp on the side of his face. We thought it was an allergic reaction to his medication, but it wasn't. The little boy across the street was afarid to go into his bedroom in the mornings and at nights so he slept with his parents. The thing that got us is when my son woke me up in the middle of the night and said the man in black said something about "Legions" then I knew we were in trouble because my son at the age of nine had no recolection of the word "Legion" that was spoken by the demons of boy who was possessed where the demons asked to God for permission to go into the pigs... Thimgs out of the ordinary started happening in our house that I had to have a minister come by and bless the house, but nothing changed until one day my son was watching the YU-GI-OH cartoon on television. The cartoon characters were saying chant and the symbols on their heads are egyption. This is what compelled me to do some research on the topic of discussion and I learned that the symbols are similoiar to witchcraft symblos and the chants are the same. After that I threw away every card in the house and my son is not allowed to watch anything pertaining to YU-GI-OH or any crazy cartoons. Parents if your child has these cards, please get rid of them!!! We hadn't had a problem since.



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