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Note: Neo is Burlyman under a different account, also woodchip is the one being reasonable for a change

Woodchip: As to the flat earther thing, two simple things easily disprove it. Sit on a beach and watch a ship sail away. If earth is flat it will get smaller until it is the size of a dot. If Earth is round the ship will appear to be sinking as it gets further away.
2nd test is get on a plane and fly in a straight line. Do you come to a edge or do you come back to where you started from?

Neo: You're forgetting about atmospheric refraction. Just take a Nikon whatever model camera that people were buying and zoom in and the ship will come right back to you.

As for the airplanes, they don't continue to fly straight because: 1) people might catch on, and 2) they'd eventually crash into the firmament. Some flights are straight lines and they aren't on globe earth. How are you supposed to land a plane on a ball that constantly spins under you? You'd have to keep adjusting and try to land straight on the runway but the earth would keep turning and you'd crash. Flat Earth makes helicopters work the way we see them and it makes vertical take off and landing possible.



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