ShySaxon #sexist

Brutal I just dropped a fuck ton of blackpills on my mom

I told that cunt looks matter and personality means jack shit in this world.

That bitch will be sorry for spawning me without giving me the chance to use the character creation screen. Fucking bitch.

Fuck you mom. I hate you for bringing me into this world. Fuck you too Dad you ugly, fat cunt.

It seem you have been contemplating your inceldom a lot lately. Happens to the best of us. Copes break down and laughing it all away doesn't work.

I have, yes. You’re observant. I’m a wreck at the moment.

What did they say back?

She just changed the subject. She knows it’s over deep down.

IMO it's not wise to wage war against the only people who, statistically, really care about you in the world.

They should have aborted me.



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