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How do I warn other immigrant woman about "american men"

As part of the Latin community, I hear too often how they would love to come to America and meet an American man because they are better than whatever they have back at home. They think white american=higher income, higher morals, family-oriented man whos hard working and loyal waiting for the trad-like foreign goddess to start a family with...and we all know that this is far from the truth. Most likely they would meet a porn obsessed dude who looks at them like a porn fetish website category "latina" and even looks down on her for being brown (with the growth of incels into race theory it wouldn't be surprising)

Introduce them to 4Chan. No, seriously. I was attracted to white men when I was thirteen, and after 4Chan I currently don't see them as human. Other races besides my own, Indians and the Japanese have not provoked such a visceral response in me the way 4Chan thrashed around the reputation of white American men.

It was in these forums that I witnessed men discussing how latinas were "to have sex with" and white women to "marry with" and how we are good for a good time and nothing else.

My latina friends tried to marry white men, then realized the truth and are all married to latino men with full families and children.

As a Latin American woman, I know American men are full of shit. A lot of European men too. A lort of them come to live here, which is odd because we have lots of social and economical problems. They start talking to me, and I realize why they came: to have a good time. To party and do stupid shit they're not allowed to do back home. And to have sex, thinking we latinas are all "whores". They don't say it, but they attitude shows it. A couple of weeks ago a British man that lives here started talking to me and his entitled ass thought he knew more about the country I've been living in for almost thirty years, even my own town (!) than me.



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