Chris Saccoccia and Kelly Anne Wolfe #quack #psycho

[Context: Chris Saccoccia is a leading Canadian anti-masker who was arrested for threaten to shoot several people including fellow anti masker Rob Carbone and trying to run a cop over with his car.]

In a video posted to Instagram Thursday afternoon, Kelly Anne Wolfe, another Canadian anti-mask leader, said that despite his Thursday bail hearing, Saccoccia is still behind bars and lamented the position he is currently in. “Chris is in jail…” she said in her video. “Yes, it is getting serious, it's getting very serious.” Wolfe, who has considerable sway in the anti-mask community, turned her attention to Carbone halfway through the video and told him repeatedly he was “done.” She called him said an “embarrassment to society” and described him as a “little kitten.” She ended her video with an ominous statement.
“Wait till you see what I do with this piece of shit. So you better run, but you'll never be able to hide because we're going to put you in jail where you fucking belong, you fucking pussy.”



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