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I also think you credit feminist activists with developments that are better credited to penicillin, condoms, and modern medicine. Let’s be clear, women’s liberation happened because of the washing machine and World War 2. That is, it is only because of technological improvements (washer, dryer, microwave, vacuum cleaner, etc.) that housework became less than a full time job.

By denying biology, feminism has brought much unhappiness to both women and men by persuading (most) women to act like men and (many) men to act like women (though women, overall, have gotten a far worse deal).

One can make an accomodation between biology and modernity, but not if you deny biology. I mean, sure, there are some androgen cases who really are happier going to toe-to-toe with men who are ready and willing to put in 100 hours a week. But they are not very common.

There are tons of possible recommendations one could make for our civilization given the current genetic constraints on male/female behavior. But our current genetic constraints will not be constraints for long, so social engineering can run hand in hand with genetic engineering. Welcome to a world of 36-24-36 nurturing and faithful nymphomaniacs, and 6’3? broad shouldered providers.


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