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( @DesireeSKeller )

spoilerI will always remember that COVID
started right after their impeachment
attempt failed and just before the
election, so that they could force
illegal mail-in voting.

( @CaptMikeC )
@DesireeSKeller EXACTLY. Communist China, The Dem party, Fauci and the world elites could not see Trump win...all while we had a roaring economy, energy independence and growing record minority support...CONSPIRACY.

( @Indy_Mike )
@DesireeSKeller And also give Trump a terrible economic year to balance out his 3 good years, so now in history, he looks as bad as them!

( @stcjones1 )
@DesireeSKeller Exactly….Covid was a planned weapon by Demonrats and China to derail MAGA and Trump…..and they got away with it…..unreal

( @Pater429 )
@DesireeSKeller he forgot to add #voterfraud



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