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Like human beings everywhere, Segal lived in the physical world of the 3 rd Dimension,with its ordinary, every-day consciousness. But unlike most of us, she came to realize thatwe are part of the Multidimensional Universe – in which the Higher Consciousnessrealities of the 5 th Dimension and beyond are attainable for living.After becoming enlightened at the age of 35 years – during one of her spiritual journeysto the sacred City of Light, Telos, at Mount Shasta, Northern California – Segal acquiredthe ability to shift back and forth between the 3 rd Dimension of ordinary reality and the5 th Dimension of elevated consciousness.While in the 5 th Dimension during visits to Mount Shasta, Segal engaged in a passionaterelationship with a female Light Body, known to her over countless lifetimes. They wereSoul Partners. Their high Frequency of Love led them to share intense emotional,romantic, intimate and spiritual experiences. Their five-year story – unconstrained bytime and space, and mixing reality and imagination – vividly unfolds in this book.



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