Meus #psycho #racist

Hitler should have exterminated the Slavs

Almost all Slavs are miserable and they make life hell for each other.

The women are soulless golddiggers and whores and the guys have to larp 24/7 that they're tough or someone will fuck with them.

Words can't express what fucking agony it is being a Slav.

Slavs aren't fucking white. Whites have high trust. Slavs aren't trustworthy. If a Frenchman meets a frenchman on a vacation he thinks: "Oh cool, a fellow French". If a Slav meets another Slav he couldn't care less if he lives or dies. There is no warm feelings because someone is from your nation, no solidarity. There is a reason why totalitarianism blossomed there.

Slav males I see are at the bottom of the hierarchy in the US. They idolize low IQ violent gangsters. And try to emulate that being tough guys who are low IQ.

But in the US they get outcompeted there by blacks who are way bigger, stronger and more fearsome. And also by Hispanic gangs which are psychotically violent.

Basically if you are white you make a very poor violent thug and instead should be doing something like a trades business or career or doctor.

niggers+spics = more dark triad than slavs
chinks+curries= smarter than slavs
western euros = better looking than slavs

It's over.

They’re a retarded looking version of Northwest Euros.


Look at the statistic of violence, abortions, drug use, etc...

Slavs are basically niggers who look white.



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