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[Comment on article about sex robots]

I can't help but to agree with many like " CatsWithShoes " and I am a devout Christian male with an attractive lovely wife who turns me on. It has become more and more obvious that white women have alienated their white men and turned to the nasty evil negros and muslims...which believe you me is a TOTAL ABOMINATION in the sight of our God. Still yet, I can't help but to also acknowledge that Satan and his agents { negros/ muslim/ ungodly } have their evil paws ALL over this one as they did in the days of Noah to corrupt the pure seedline of white men to stop the birth of Jesus through one PURE race. They know that sex with dolls can't produce offspring, so while white males will rush to get these dolls, white women continue to rush to the ungodly to produce Nephilims { so to speak }. Satan is NOT pulling new tricks, like the garden of Eden he corrupted woman NOT man. Adam was the first victim of sin brought by YES woman. Satan then does it again with the fallen ones { corrupted angels, who were once Son's of God, but got kicked out of heaven..... different subject } and came to earth to seduce....YES women again { daughters of men }.

Satan only sticks with what has worked time and time again.

White women will have much to answer for to the Father our Lord for it coming to this abominations.



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