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RE: This Redditor finds out the hard way that chad sex is different

JFL at this Reddit cuck. I would leave any relationship where its apparent that either one of us aren't sexually satisfying enough for the other.

Imagine the how much the number of sexually frustrated males grows when we take into consideration cucking relationships and deadbedroom betabux-based relationships!!

I had a conversation with a foid about this dual mating strategy thing where women are sexually almost unresponsive when it comes to having sex with men who aren't Chads. This is what she said:

"To tell u more, I have dated someone I wasn’t attracted. He was just nowhere on my attraction radar, how much love do u think I could give him? Not even a fraction of what I had to offer. It just couldn’t come out! When he gave me always felt bland. So the conclusion I have drawn is, If it’s a relationship where I feel like I am settling for him, It’s goona create a void in me. The void dosent help people in the relationship be the best they can be, infact it poisons relationship beyond words. Better to be single then rather than spiting and resenting the person in relationship."



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