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RE: Honduran Migrant Caravan Disbands in Guatemala


They were all sent back to their country of origin? I thought "Borders don't exist" and "No human is illegal"?!

Tell that to white libs who live in gated communities and will be the first one to call the cops if an uninvited person sets foot on their property. I would thank Mexico for stopping this caravan by sending all of its citizens back to Mexico to make it great again.

(Cheri Rodriguez)
If Hispanics like Hondurans are so hard working and want a better life, why don’t they just stay where they are and build up their own country?


Because their elite are really powerful and pay the workers next to nothing. Drug gangs rule the neighborhoods and nobody can seem to raise themselves up. Going to the US is their best option, not ours.

But the sad state of the Honduran society is nothing new. Why the sudden exodus to the US? Is it because it has become common knowledge that crossing the border and getting benefits AND and an off-the-books job is easily done?


“Fortunately the caravan from Honduras isn’t continuing,” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said. Mr. López Obrador said that the timing of the caravan, one month before presidential elections in the U.S., appeared strange, “although we can’t be sure that was why it was organized.”

Why would Mexico help the U.S.? Our "ally" hates this country. We must be paying them off big time.

(Nicolas Bourbaki)
Wait how can they even do this? Certainly 4,000 well supported Guatemalans are enough to climb over any plastic barriers or resist signage imploring them not to continue? If the authorities are absolutely forbidden to use force or even loud noises I don't see how they can be diverted. Maybe clever road signs making them go in circles until they tire and wear out were used?



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