andyet #fundie

I respect other peoples beliefs, as a mature adult should. Ror example, if an Orthodox Jew believes that he can do no work on the Sabbath, including flipping a light switch, I respect his decision and his belief even though I do not share it.

I don't call him STUPID for believing what he believes, because only an immature, socially retarded, total dick would do such a thing.

[20 minutes later]

Why are you all such emotionally autistic, socially retarded, bitter and nasty misfits? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Were you all nerds who got towels snapped at them in gym class and are still pissed off about it? Granted it's hard to believe in a kind and loving God when bullies take your lunch money and girls (there doesn't seem to be many female atheists - except for some lesbian Goths) tell you they just want to be friends.

Does atheism lie somewhere on the autistic scale next to Aspergers? If not why are you incapable of simple polite social interaction? Autism is a mostly male thing and so is atheism, perhaps there is a connection?

Are you mostly gays who are really just pissed off at the Abrahamic religions for condemning homosexuality? That would explain Gore Vidal, Arthur C CLarke, etc.

[He goes on for 5 more paragraphs]



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