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Pantera: Could they be Reptilians?

Back in 1981 a decent, but relatively forgettable hard rock/hair metal band called Pantera was formed in Arlington, Texas. These unknown rockers would later become rich and famous, but was it really by their own merits? Or was it a dastardly scheme to water down and destroy heavy metal?

Throughout the 80's Pantera released 4 similarly styled albums, Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle, I Am The Night, and Power Metal. During this period they were playing a blend of speed metal and glam, bringing to mind influences ranging from Kiss to Judas Priest. But in 1989, something happened: a sudden and drastic change in style. The fun-loving rockers of the 80's transformed, as if over night, into a band of vicious and angry tough guys. Instead of the usual party tunes, songs about sexual conquests, and anthems toward the glory of heavy metal, they began preaching violence against their fellow man. Over time they alienated their original fanbase, Diamond Darrell became Dimebag Darrell, and they began to vehemently deny their roots, to the point of actually trying to cover up their early discography! As they rose through the charts, many people began turning to them, and through them the terrible "nu-metal" scene of equally angry and angsty mock metal bands of the 90's. True metal was all but forgotten in mainstream media. This went on for years until 2004 when Dimebag Darrell was shot on stage performing with his new band Damageplan.

This may seem like an innocent case of a band simply "evolving" musically, or trying to keep with the times, but I think the truth is far more sinister. I believe that in 1989, our fun loving hard rock heroes were captured by Reptilians involved with MTV in their war against heavy metal. (as a sidenote: The same scenario probably happened with Metallica as well) Once they were in captivity (or killed) the Reptilian shape shifters assumed their identity and began making a style of metal which could both sell to the masses and dumb down the population. Gone were the lyrics of bands like Iron Maiden who sung songs about classical literature and poetry, replaced by bands singing about doing harm to our human brethren. The Reptilians ascended to power under Pantera's name ruining true metal in America for most of the 90's (they were luckily unable to have much of an impact in Europe). Is it a coincidence that heavy metal began to make a comeback in the mainstream in and around 2005? Perhaps Nathan Gale is in fact a hero of metal, for eliminating the Reptilian threat of Pantera!



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