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RE: Fox News Host Says Native American Land ‘Wasn’t Stolen’

We won this land on the battlefield.

There were many battles and skirmishes, and many pioneers and settlers bore the brunt of the Indian outrages.

But the land itself was not won on the battlefield.
Control of the land is ceded by TREATY.

Nearly all of the land that makes up the 50 states was acquired by treaty, often with the payment of money and other subsistence.

That makes the whites the biggest suckers of all.
Why? Because the Indian did NOT own land. He had no concept of land ownership.
Land was something of a gift of nature, like the sea, that could be traversed and hunted and occupied, but did not belong to anyone.... except the more powerful tribe.
The Indian lived in a place and occupied it and kept other tribes from taking it.
The concept of land ownership was brought to North America by the Europeans.
So the Indian was doubly-amazed.....

You say you are going to give me all this stuff, including money, firewater, and food, in return for ownership of land that I did not know I owned? Yeah, I will take the deal. WE are nomadic people and WE can just move over that line you keep talking about.
What a deal.



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