Bobby Z #fundie

This just proves the stupidity of man. God doesn't work like us, he is not some cosmic robot where as long as you do this he does that. It's just like the idiot scientists to try and put God in a box and test him.

Shame on you Eric for not knowing your old testament law. "Thou shall not put the Lord thy God to the test"

I know people get healed through prayer, in fact a woman in my church was healed of a lump in her breast last week. She was scheduled for Surgery on Tuesday and my churched prayed with her on Sunday. Monday morning she woke up and the lump was gone. She called the doctor and told him it was gone, he told her there was no way it was gone and had her come in. She went in - he examined her and did another scan and it was completely gone. Surgery cancelled.

Tell that woman prayer doesn't work, tell her she's insane and felt a lump she never had. Tell her the doctor must have mis-diagnosed.



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