Silence DoGood #sexist #wingnut

You are repeating Marxist propaganda. Men and women have their own spheres. Please read “Lies Women Believe”, and “The Naked Communist”. Also, please visit “The Transformed Wife”, and don’t visit Google to research these.

You equate a woman staying home and caring for children to slavery. Yet, none of us would even be here if women a century ago didn’t do that, so these women are big-time ungrateful. We give them liberty out of the sheer goodness of our hearts, and women thank us be doing their best to run this country into the ground?! Utterly shameful!

The Democrats are communists, and they are incompatible with America. When you read the book on communism, you’ll understand.

Women will never vote for small government, because that means they’ll have to be in subjection to men again, which most hate to do. So, they rebel against God and destroy their own country.

The laws of nature won’t change, whether you assent or dissent with them. You defy them to your own peril.



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