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[Blackpill] Modern science paved the way for unlimited female hypergamy

Without modern inventions like condoms, birth control, abortions, medical treatment for STDs etc women fucking around like they do today would simply be impossible. Even interracial sex and sex between womanlets and tall men used to be dangerous since if the women got pregnant the baby would often be too big for their small body and both the mother and child would die at birth. The vast majority of children of WMAF couples for example have to be born by c-section for this exact reason. In the past they would have simply died at birth, same with children of tall men and short women. Which is even more tragic since birth by c-section and premature birth is highly correlated with inceldom. @Gymcelled

It's crazy if you think about how science has enabled women to live out their most derpraved hedonistic pleasures, yet what benefit has modern science brought for non-Chad men? It has all but destroyed our value as men and made us more disposable than ever.



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