SaintAviator #conspiracy

Get it right Drmies. 'Yes Russians have no doubt killed some people for sure, agents of the Western Elites, personally I think thats fine. Do you think its not two way? It certainly is.' You dont understand Drmies because your refernence points are Main Stream Western Media and you probably have not been to war. Im right arn't I. Wikipedians are by and large well informed about what they are given, mistaking that for facts or the truth is an error.

There is a war on. People are dying all over the place. If you think the West is run by people who live their Christian values and strive for democracy you will never 'Get it' that the Elites in the West are the force pushing for conflict with Russia / China because the Elites want global domination. They dont care about humanity at all. Think Star Wars The Empire. You may think that will be ok. You are wrong.

You dont know that you dont know. Therefore for many of us in the West who can see the real picture, (think the Alliance in Star Wars) the elimination of agents of the Elites is a good thing. Because Russia and its military might is the main block to what will be a two class system.

The elites and the masses. And a lot less masses than now. Think hunger games. Far fetched? No. Toned down for you? Yes. You are living in a bubble, a fiction. But you're not alone. No amount of Gatekeeping will keep out reality from bursting that bubble. One day, in fact at anytime, a large conflagration could start



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