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Donald Trump certainly is just like King David, because he just reminds me so much of him. David went up on a hill and found the army of Israel marking time while Goliath came out and challenged them to send just one man to fight against him. David wanted to know who was this dog who defied the army of the living God and the answer he got was basically, "Goliath is too big to hit!". Davids answer to that was "No, he's not! He's too big to miss!" Then, using his sling, he struck Goliath in the head with a stone and chopped of his head with his own sword, inspiring the army of Israel to rout out the Philistines.

As I said, President Trump is just like David. It's also true that our leftist democrats are just like Goliath. Any honest observation can see that President Trump is pretty good at striking the democrats right between the eyes with the very rocks they throw at him, and they are chopping themselves to bits just trying to score a hit President Trump.

My prediction is that come the 2020 election, two things are going to happen: The democrats will try every trick in the book to cheat and the American people will vote for Donald Trump like the army of Israel running down the Philistines.

The real problem is this: If Donald Trump wins, those who call themselves "the resistance" will use his victory as an excuse to become more riotous, more violent and more dangerous, and if President Trump should loose, those same people will use the democrat victory as proof that even greater "resistance" (violence, disrespect and riots) against conservatives and Republicans is mandated by the majority of voters, even if it is obvious that voter fraud is the means by which a democrat might win.

Sooner or later, we're going to have to deal with the leftist anarchists among us in a way that they can understand, permanently.



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