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Sermon 7: Softening the Heart

By The Rev. Steven Roland

My state has a wicked liberal Democrat governor. Evil, wretched, vile, sickening. Gretchen Whitmer is easily one of the most detestable people in modern politics…

First, she banned people from worshiping in the house of God while keeping abortion stores and recreational cannabis dispensaries and liquor stores open during the fake pandemic! All while she was living the life of luxury eating in restaurants and getting haircuts and going on vacation all while not wearing the wicked liberal idol of a face mask that DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST DISEASE as it says on the packaging of any non-surgical face mask! It was never about protection but having a graven image of self righteousness! But everyone else had to wear them and couldn’t get seeds for gardening or eat in the dining area of a restaurant all while they COULD fornicate indiscriminately and have an abortion while they partook of alcohol and recreational cannabis all while people of God were arrested for worshiping! This is the persecution of God’s people that was warned about in scripture!

Now with a Democrat majority in the legislature for the first time in forty years, Whitmer has gone even further, creating the “right” to perpetuate a genocide of unborn children in the name of feminism and equality! It is also perfectly legal for little girls to be molested in bathrooms and locker rooms by grown 250 pound 6’5 men in drag! Wicked false idols like Dylan Mulvaney further perpetuate this garbage! Sodomites can run free in the “Motor City pride parade” and take over the municipal and county governments all while people of God fear for the next lockdown for the “public good.” It's coming, just you wait! Big Gretch will be coming for your right to freedom of religion once she gets her way in the end!

As infinitesimal of a chance as it might have, we must pray for our leaders so that their hearts may soften to the word of God and the normal nuclear family and the plight of the unborn. If you live in a state with capital punishment, you must pray for that to end as well so that the state may no longer execute people including far too often perfectly innocent people for one day it could be children of God at the electric chair simply for preaching the Gospel! We must PRAY for an end to all injustices…



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