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What Matt Said.

@Spacecowboy777 i'll offer the first man to deliver a baby through his penis $1 million.

@VaderMykola @Spacecowboy777 He has to be an unaltered biological man. No way.

It is all about these fools claiming that a woman can be a man.

If she can give birth, she is a woman. Period. Pun intended.

@Spacecowboy777 I think red states should separate from blue. Do something like that. I never knew their hate ran so deep against us. It didn't take a lot to bring it out either.

@Spacecowboy777 If they were just delusional assholes, we could ignore them but they are slaughtering millions of babies, mutilating innocent children, and trying to destroy our civilization.

@Spacecowboy777 We could exile them to a country where their ideas are mainstream, if there was such a country.

There can be no peace with the left. They must be destroyed.

@Spacecowboy777 I just saw a Christian saying "No way in hell can you read the New Testament and come up with this as your rhetoric for dealing with a fallen culture" It's exactly this type of watered down version of Christianity that has gotten us to the place where we are. Why not? Why can't we deal with our fallen culture like this? There is nothing in the Bible that stops us from fighting to make this country a better nation, to bring it back to the sanity that it's left behind.

@Spacecowboy777 They have driven the nation to the point of no return. By that I mean, there is no living in any kind of unity with these people. They are dangerous to everything and everyone around them. They throw around words like "toxic", etc. They have no idea the meaning of the word. They are fully and completely vessels of satan spewing nothing but darkness and corruption everywhere they go. They are the truly toxic ones.

@Spacecowboy777 Agree I will not say live and let live to these demons.

@Spacecowboy777 Separation or purge

@Spacecowboy777 Yeah, I cannot be frens with baby killers, rapists, fags, or groomers. CUZ, my heart connects my brain to hands that wanna..........



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