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Meet Judge Shannon Frison.

She was appointed Superior Court Judge in 2012 by former Democrat Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts.

Judge Frison is in the news recently after being arrested for committing domestic violence against her WIFE. Not a misprint.

I won't go into the sordid details. Just take a good look at her; particularly her tattoos. She has a sleeve of some type of skeletal imagery - not human - but somewhat alien if not demonic looking. And its on her left arm.

The left hand is the hand that's placed on the Bible during a swearing in ceremony; such as when taking an oath to become a judge.

So we have a tatted up lesbian suffering from a severe identity crisis and undoubtedly some form of mental sickness, sitting on the bench judging the people convicted of crimes. Meanwhile, she also abuses the woman in her life.

And we were told that men and patriarchy were the enemy.

I thought 'gay' meant happy, caring, wonderful, same-gender loving people...not mean, abusive, belligerent, cantankerous, violent people. We were told that's how straight people are.

*Side note*

There are some cases where people suffering from gender-confusion (LGBTQ-fill in the missing letter) are vexed by evil and unclean spirits. For instance:

Someone might be born a female and may have a disembodied male spirit hanging around them seeking to gain access into them, telling them they're attracted to other females; when reality is they're simply vexed by a male spirit that's trying to take control of them in order to act out its own unrequited lusts through someone living.

It gets really weird when you consider there are male and female heterosexual disembodied human spirits who died in their sins, but also gay, lesbian and transsexual ones (both male and female) who died in their sins and somehow got stuck on the earth plane between our world and the underworld of the dead.

And on top of this we also have demonic spirits from the old pre-flood world to contend with that are vexing, oppressing and possessing people.

That's a whole lot of spirits that classify as evil spirits, unclean spirits, demonic spirits, ghosts, djinn, devils, walking around seeking to hijack people's bodies and souls and use them for their own selfish purposes.

I suspect that many who are suffering from gender confusion like the judge here really suffer from spiritual manipulation by these ghosts and wicked spirits. And just think: her lifestyle and instability is giving these spirits access to our judicial system!

Unless we start identifying the root of the problem as spiritual in nature and casting these things out of people, they'll never get free. And they may end up in positions of power and civic authority over our lives.




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