Henry de Lesquen #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Pour maîtriser la haine raciale, il faut réémigrer les allogènes" - "In order to overcome racial hatred, foreigners have to be remigrated"]

This is the end of the Week against Antiracism and Cosmopolitanism. Here are 10 reflexions on the vulgar antiracism which is destroying France
1) The denunciation of racism delivers France to immigration
2) I am racist in the good meaning: racial consciousness; and antiracist in the good meaning: I morally condemn racial hatred and oppose racial reductionism[…]
4) Racial hatred is an ugly feeling. But we have to use it because we are at war against immigration. It is a power source which can help France to rise up
5) Racial hatred, like all forms of social hatred, can lead to horrors. Thus, they have to be overcame
6) In order to overcome racial hatred, foreigners have to be remigrated. Multicultural societies are multiconflictual
7) Vulgar antiracism deny the existence of human races, which is aberrant
8) Vulgar antiracism is the mask of the cosmopolitan ideology, which deny identities
9) Vulgar antiracism is implicitely racist, since it set apart anti-Semitism anti-Jewish racism, from other forms of racism
10) The priority, for the salvation of France, is to repeal the Pleven Act of July 1, 1972 [an act banning hate speech and racial discrimination] and all the antiracist legislation



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