Henry de Lesquen #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Vers un nettoyage ethnique ?" - "Going to ethnic cleansing?"]

Events in Georgia showed us how difficult multicultural societies are. In South Ossetia, native Ossetians lived along Georgian-stock migrants who came from the interior. Relations seemed peaceful[…]Georgian military intervention[…]created the conditions for an "ethnic cleansing" of South Ossetia, which became homogeneous[…]"Ethnic cleansing": yes, the expression is horrible, when thinking about the misfortunes of those victims[…]Ethnic cleansing is as old as mankind. It occured, for exemple, after WW2, against millions of Germans who lived in territories annexed by Poland and Cezchoslovakia. More recently, on 1962, Frenchmen of Algeria suffered an ethnic cleansing which wasn't named such

When this terrible phenomenon occurs somewhere in the world, medias always use the same vain comments as litote: "It's uncomprehensible. Everything went well, before, between them and us..." Accusing evil geniuses of artificially exciting hatreds. Of course we can't ignore activists who, at first glance, caused the conflict. But a spark can't cause fire if there's no fuel. Ethnic cleansing and its parade of horrors often are fatal because multicultural societies are multiconflictualThe true culprits are those who created or let occur a mix of ethnicities or communities which was due to explode

France isn't sheltered from intercommunial violence. Ethnic cleansing already occured, at small scale, in migrant neighbourhoods, where old-stock Frenchmen had to leave. Riots which are regulary occuring in our banlieues are the foretaste of what's awaiting us if w don't take the good decisions. Stopping immigration isn't enough, migratory flux have to be reversed[…]

We have to bring France back to its identity. It's to avoid ethnic cleansing we support remigration



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