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What are some Pro-Choice arguments you have trouble counter arguing?
Let's all rerationalise our positions!

What are some pro choice arguments you have trouble counter arguing?

For me personally it's the self defense arguement.

Let's all give eachother knew ideas!

For self defense lethal force is a last resort. In most cases a pregnancy can end without the use of lethal force via birth. Where both parties live.

Plus you caused the situation. If invited someone to punch you in the face, you couldn't then turn around and blow their brains out.

The right of the baby over their mother's body. I can make a strong argument in defense of the baby but they can come with some pretty insane scenarios and I just can't give an answer to them...

"The mother gave that baby the right when she decided to have sex. Sex is a choice that can lead to pregnancy, so the decision has already been made."

For me it's the right to live trumps all other rights.

You have to be given the chance to be born before any other rights. So the right to your own body is lesser than the baby's right to exist in the first place.

Secondly, any parent that wouldn't willingly sacrifice their own rights for the safety of their own child doesn't have a place in civil society.

It's also very anti-socialist to abort. How can you claim to live in a society that's about sacrificing for the good of complete strangers but not be willing to sacrifice for the good of your own child?

End rant lol



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