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[RageFuel] I fucking hate thug culture with a passion

Fyi, I do no hate black culture, black culture is jazz and basketball not fucking being a degenerate.

I just really fucking hate thug culture, of course the elite are pushing it on the youngsters, why because it keeps them low IQ so they don’t rebel against them.

I just hate everything about it, the music, the talk, the degeneracy, the clothing and the attitude. They promote it everywhere, society keeps on praising everyone to be a low IQ thug that hates intelligence.

God, and it’s ruining so many communities, it came for blacks first, look at them now 92% father’s in households in the 1970s and now 35% today. Now, it came for the Whites, Arabs and every other race here, a lot of the communities are now extremely degenerate. Thank fuck that Asians and Currys are resisting it and deciding to respect knowledge and good etiquette, but they won’t hold out for much longer because of the elite.

All of society’s problems can be traced to thug culture.

Broken households: Thug culture
Toxic society: Thug culture
Low intelligence: Thug culture
Absolute degeneracy: Thug culture
Crime and killings: Thug culture
Zero morals: Thug culture
Feminism: Thug culture
School bullying: Thug culture

I wish this disgusting excuse of a sick trend is driving humanity into the ground. I grew up in a low socio economic neighborhood and it was riddled with dumb kids wanting to be the next gangster.

How to get rid of thug culture?

Get rid of the (((elite))) who promote it.



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