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( @Nature_and_Race )
White kid defends himself from violent rioters. Mainstream media attacks him.

Black convicted child rapist mass murders a crowd of White people out enjoying a Christmas parade with their families and community. Mainstream media downplays the severity of his violence, doesn't even use his name.

There is a war being waged against us, White people. We need to wake up and do something about it.

( @BlankAvatar )
@Nature_and_Race Judeo-Media-Complex is enemy #1. They're enemy #1 not because of their insulting attitude, but because they brainwash billions of people into becoming our mortal enemies, and that makes them enemy #1.

( @Dieselpatriot )
@Nature_and_Race Had this convo around the fire last night, if it’s a justified shot I will only take it if it’s a friend or a white person being attacked by a group of monkeys, if they are beating their own we keep on walking

( @AngryIrishGuy )
@Nature_and_Race … I have never been more supportive of segregation in my life. If blacks hate us that much, fine. Segregate. I’m all for it.

( @Reti-P )
@Nature_and_Race Well today was going well until this reality hit this morning. I'm going to be melancholy for the past for a while. We're at war with a (((people))) that want people genocided.

( @TheRealEVCG )
We do indeed. Have no fear in professionally exposing AntiWhite lies and campaigns, White family. Please also travel in pairs or groups when possible whenever you have to go into public in overly "enriched" areas, White brothers and sisters. @Nature_and_Race



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