yourclairygodmother #sexist

Feminists, technically, are misandrists/sexist against men. In order to be a feminist, you must believe in gender stereotypes and make blatantly untrue and unjust assumptions on people based solely on their sex/gender. You have to believe women are oppressed and men are oppressors. That's placing unfair and false labels on both men and women. Isn't that sexist? It's putting awful stereotypes and assumptions on people based on gender. The actual definition of sexism is: "prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis of sex." Isn't assuming all men are "privileged" and all women are "disadvantaged" stereotyping and even harmful to poor and down men and women who are trying their best out in the scary world? Feminists discriminate based on sex all the time: interrupting men's issues conferences solely because they're men, getting men banned from places on college campuses, the "Kill All Men" hashtag, and their loathing of transgendered individuals for being "gender traitors". Isn't that sexism? Also, isn't sexist to say with your movement basically: "Women are so stupid that they're oppressed and can't do anything without our movement." So technically, yes, feminists are supporting an inherently sexist ideology.



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