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You’ll be pleased to find out that your Aryan bloodline is actually Israelite. Yep, a Trojan line of kings conquered ALL of Europe long before the Romans ever existed. Who were those kings? The offspring of Tros, the great-great-grandson of Judah, the same Tros who founded Troy. And those Spartans? In 1 Maccabees, the king of Lacedemonia (Sparta) writes to Jerusalem granting trade priveleges because they had found in writing that the Spartans and the Jews were related by blood.
That’s right, the Greeks were actially JEWS. Then when the 10 tribes of Israel passed through Europe on their way northward, they also MISCEGENATED with the already half-breed Aryan people there. Anglo-Saxons? Angels-Sons of Isaac! The English Union Jack? Union de Jacques — Union of Jacob! Denmark? Mark of Dan! Same goes with the Dan-ube River! Ireland? Tuatha de Danaan — Tribe of Dan! You can’t escape it, you bigoted ignoramus! You hate yourself, because in all your Aryan arrogance, YOU ARE JEWISH! The Jews you despise are actually the mutant offspring of pure blooded mixed with Babylonians. They’re the ones who stayed behind in Babylon when Cyrus the Great freed the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple. It was a perfect match made in hell — the financially minded children of Judah, who convinced his brothers to sell Joseph instead of killing him; intermarrying with the Babylonians, the greatest merchants in the world. The result was a literal facial feature change, distinguishing the mutant Jews from the often blond-haired, blue-eyed pureblood Judahites. Of course, the women became the most beautiful, sexually overt women of the world because of the genetic superiority of the Judahites, mixed with Babylonians, creating women who were literally bred to be pleasure machines. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about things, because the Judahite Jesus Christ will set everything right when He returns. Just have a little faith.



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