ShySaxon #sexist

[It's Over] [COPE] The football/soccer team you backed is getting hammered 6-0 with only a minute left to play...

Suddenly some guy gets up and says...
“They still have a chance bro they can still win!”

It’s not even cope at that point, it’s STUPIDITY.
It is blatantly over for the losing team.
The same applies for Incels. I’m an ugly manlet and I’m autistic as fuck. My best trait? Being white. That’s it. Yet bluepilled soy man here still thinks that I can ascend.

It is fucking over. Done and dusted. I’m sub 8, an autistic freak and I’m a manlet. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure out that I’m not going to get laid. Stop denying what’s in front of you, stop embarrassing yourself and stop fucking coping. It’s over.



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