Amelius #racist

Anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism.” This is true, but I’d take it a step further and suggest that anti-Judaism is not anti-semitism. For instance, I have no problem with Semites, however, I have a major problem with the Talmud. As far as I’m concerned, the first step in solving any cases of alleged “antisemitism”, starts with identifying who is and who is not a Semite.

The vast majority of those who identify themselves as “Jews” are not Semites. Anthropological studies based on craniometry, performed by Jewish medical doctor and former medical examiner of NYC, Maurice Fishberg, concluded that less than 3% of today’s Jews are of Semitic origins. The study clearly indicates that the “pure Semitic” skulls which are used for comparison, belong to Arabs. Once it is determined who is actually a Semite, it can be argued that it is Jews themselves, who are the world’s worst anti-Semites, as nobody causes Arabs more problems than the Jewish state.



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