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there is something terribly wrong with the average human male

A month ago before the pp183 virus closed everything I was walking around campus and noticed that 90% of males gave off no masculine presence at all despite being grown up, their facial structure are like a childs. Their spine and reproductive organs may have grown into a masculine form, but they still retain their child skulls. They are not intimidating at all, your brain only registers males as sexual rivals when you see chadlites and chads, mostly due to their distinct skull shape

its like our puberty was incomplete, androgens are supposed to interact with your skull to give your jaw and brow ridge a masculine structure. You only see this to a noticeable extent in chadlites, or in to a extreme extent in true genetic chads.

I think we need to start treating males with hgh and testosterone during early puberty to trigger any remotely noticeable masculine skull growth, the average male is not developing normally. This will likely trigger balding in many males, but that is an issue for later.

There is no way this is normal



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