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Why I'm volcel.

Because men's "love" is 100% based on attraction. (It's why you all struggle to find relationships and Stacy does not)

Because men's "love" for any woman (even Stacy) they're with will dissipate the moment she gains 20 pounds or cuts her hair short.

Because all men cheat (even on Stacy) because they crave variety.

Because all men lie and play games.

Because men prefer younger women no matter their age, and the chances he cheats on/leaves you for one shoots up past age 30 and keeps going up until it inevitably happens.

Because men will leave their ill wives due to the fact they struggle to/can't have sex with them anymore or because they're less attractive.

Because like the apes they truly are, men are herd animals and obsessed with their "status" among other men. Thus, whether or not he pursues you/continues your relationship depends entirely on what his friends think.

Because the vast majority of men are misogynists.

Because men can't feel love, only an extreme version of lust.

Because in a relationship men expect women to cook, clean, take care of the children, have wild sex with them, and hold down a job while having nothing to offer except their crusty dicks.

Because there is really nothing I can get from a man that I can't get from my friends, family, pets, and masturbation with the added bonus of not being treated like shit or being cheated on.



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