MLKoonDaTurd, Dixieman, Whip_Cracker, and Felonious P Jenkem #racist

(MLKoonDaTurd): It's Sunday and I'm feeling a bit Christian, so I'll give credit where due.

Occasionally Hillary NLing Clinton was correct. These CrimiNigger, TeenAper, Shitskin, LowLife POSs are what Hillary meant by Super Predators.

All were less than 17 years old and had extensive criminal records. One had just gotten out of jail last week LOL And of course 3 of the Nigger POSs were made Good in the midst of committing a crime.

Wait, I thought about it and I take back everything I've said. These TeenNigger Bucks are just average Nigger Shitskin teens. Nothing outstanding about them at all. It's hard to tell them apart from any other TeenNigger. They were all just average Obama Sons.

(Dixieman): A feel good story here. 3 criminiggers good. That in itself has prevented hundreds of felonies right there. I do feel sorry for the Ford. Being stolen by niggers had to have been hard on the vehicle. I guess Ford Explorers are racist now too.

(Whip_Cracker): I hope the niggers were all still alive when the flames engulfed them and it was as painful as it could be as their creator Satan welcomed them into hell.

(Felonious P Jenkem): I get so happy when I read of young nigger bucks dying horrible painful deffs. I truly derive such such bliss and euphoria from niggers dying as a result of their niggetry. Nigger tears are my happy fuel.



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