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[Blackpill] Beware of the black-coated blue pill.

There are a lot of people who are pushing blue pilled ideas but attempting to pass them off as "black pills" to make them more legit to a blackpilled or semi-black pilled audience. Some do it aggressively (like on lookism), but others do it in a more subtle way. The black-coated blue pill now dominates lookism.net and it is one of the greatest threats to the black pill on this website. TRPers are often (and rightfully) mocked if they try to push shit like PUA or talk about "holding frame" and the obvious blue pillers are very easy to spot...but the black-coated blue pill acts as a trojan horse attack on black pill philosophy.

Here are some examples of black-coated blue pills:

"Ugly NT guys slay all the time"
"Juggernaut law is a cope"
"Hypergamy is actually not real"
"All incels are autists"
"This ugly guy slays and you don't"
"Ugly guys can run social circle game"
"Incels are extremely rare and only exist on incel forums"
"Ugly guys get women and don't even have to beta bux"
"All the couples I see are looks matched, even the ugly subhuman males"
"Looks theory destroyed"

I could give more examples but basically a black-coated blue pill is anything that denies:

1) Looks theory
2) Juggernaut law
3) Hypergamy
4) Sub-4 law

But then attempts to put a "black pilled" spin on it.



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