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[Blackpill] The main reason Chad has sex with ugly girls is to DESTROY YOU in order to reduce competition

Chad doesn't need to have sex with uglies, but he does. Why? 2 reasons

1. It provides endless variety and is easy
2. It leaves you sexless, making you not function properly

There have been countless studies done to show that not getting sex fucks your life up, and we also know that not getting sex fucks you socially, and makes it harder to focus on academics and work.

Understand, in this world, whenever one person has something positive, another fails. Life is a zero sum game. Chad WANTS you to suffer, the more you suffer, the more power he has. Tinder is Chad's secret weapon to stomp on not only incels, but normies, and leave them feeling LIFELESS. This makes it easier for Chad to succeed in all aspects of life.



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