niggasniggas #racist

My senior year of high school I got put into an elective I did not know of. The first week the teacher told our class that he would write us glowing letters of recommendation should we stay. It turned out the elective was teaching foreign children English. I was apprehensive but I still decided to stay. About a month goes by with only a middle eastern girl in our class. Nice and easy. I make good friends wit the other tutors. Then one day I walk into a zoo filled with monkeys!

This is not what I signed up for I thought. I looked at my teacher and he had a guilty look on his face. I was stuck with those apes all year. Mind you before this, I wasn't a proud white man. But after a year of attempting to teach those coons English I came to accept that not all races are equal. They threw shit around. When I scolded one, the other acted up. Eventually, I just decided to have fun with the situation.

We had a lesson on colors and I went "I am WHITE. You are BLACK. Repeat after me." They did and it was hilarious. I taught them all about Trump. When one of the coons asked me if I liked Trump I said "yes, i do." He looked pretty imitated and fucked with me less that semester. One day my teacher hired a mean white lady to help us tutor. She hated those niggers more than I did. After that class, I started visiting niggermania and less than a year later I would become a member. We need more young white racists.



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