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Sanskrit, Greek and Latin are three different languages. Contrary to what some of the users have suggested, in truth, Sanskrit does NOT belong to the PIE family. There is nothing called Indo-European family of languages. Now, I might be mistaken for a Hindu fundamentalist. So let me expose this pseudo-theory called PIE. The hypothesis that Sanskrit and European languages including Greek are related is a "lie" for three reasons, among others -------------- (1) There is no language without culture: we have heard of French language and French culture; Greek language and Greek culture. The relationship between the two is such that one can NEVER exist without the other. There is no language without a culture and vice versa. If there really existed an Indo-European family of languages, how can they exist in isolation from an Indo-European family of cultures ??? Since an IE composite culture cannot be located anywhere in the world (indeed, there is Indian culture in opposition to European culture), the theory that there existed a PIE super family of languages is purely counter-intuitive, especially when there is no VALID proof (that fails the test of falsification), without which there is no question of empirical science.



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