John miller #fundie #homophobia

John miller: Maybe I'm in the minority here; But I would rather see a child raised by wolves or apes. And NEVER be influenced by mentally ill sexually confused Alphabet freaks.

Good Christian Traditional families have been refused adoptions since the big eared Muslim King and his manshell wife soiled the white house on day 1.

O'blunder tried to continue brain warping children on his way out the door by signing papers denying Christian agencies the ability to handle adoptions unless they agreed to also sacrifice children to Satan by giving them to mentally confused same-sex adults who were living together and practicing unnatural acts apposed by God and describe as "abominations" in the Holy Bible.
That’s why you see big-hearted Christians HAVING TO adopt black or brown babies from SHITHOLE countries.
More sadistic liberal sacrificing of children. They murder them with abortion ; they control and warp them through adoptions.
Just President Trump undoing more of Obama's evil against children being twisted into a lie.

JaxJJ (not me): You're an idiot and a freak. There's no other way to put it and no decent Christian would have anything to do with you.

John miller: I wouldn't spit on a tickle your ears alphabet accepting hypocrite you modern freaks call "Christians"
I'm going with God's word ! And I love that TRASH like you get offended by what I said. Your ignorance Is humorous to me. But God will cast Alphabets and their sympathizers into a lake of fire right along with your prince of darkness to be eternally disposed of like the garbage you are.
To put children with mentally confused sexual perverts I nothing shy of satanic!!!



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