CrackPr0n-EET- #fundie

Oh god....
I can´t believe that some guys here are really saying they would date 13yo girls, even if they are 5 or more years older!

You sick pedophiles!

I can't believe your so fucking narrowminded that you think all 13 yo(the majority are, but not all) are too immature to be in a relationship.

How am I a pedophile if I look at the person as an individual? Not based on age, or appearance, but the person. Who says I'm going to have sex with them?

Senor:you're a fucking idiot. So I meet a 13 yr. old girl, that is totally compatible with me, and she's incredibly smart, and mature for her age. That makes me a pedophile automatically just because i'm an "adult"? Holy fucking shit.

You're a fucking idiot. So to you, it doesn't matter how intelligent or compatible she is, the fact that I like her automatically makes me a pedophile.

God, how narrow fucking minded. You're one of those idiot extreme conservatives aren't you? Despite me not looking for young girls, or even caring about them, I just happen to meet an amazing 13 yr. old girl, and that makes me a pedophile.

Grow the fuck up, and realize the world isn't a cookie cutter ideal. Everyone is different, and everything happens almost randomly. If you can't understand that, then shit... I hope the world fucks you over.



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