Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
I absolutely support this. Way to go, @repmtg !

(Marjorie Taylor Greene)
I just filed articles of impeachment against Merrick Garland.

@DrPaulGosar @repmtg all she does is file articles of impeachment and photo ops! Please do something that helps the American people instead!

@Revolutionarygirl @DrPaulGosar @repmtg If that’s all she does then why did Soros fund a campaign to disqualify her from being in Congress?

@DrPaulGosar @repmtg MTG and Lauren Bobert are better Americans and have bigger gonads than any of the male Republican leadership. McCarthy and McConnell need to learn from them. Of course, when you've been bought off, you follow the money. This why they hate them, and President Trump. He too can't be bought off. Not for sale at any price.

@DrPaulGosar @repmtg Come on America get behind Margorie Taylor Greene and get out there and support Trump!!......Justice is Coming!!
Go Marjorie, Trump and America!!.....Share!

@DrPaulGosar @repmtg

I’m confused why a woman is doing this and not a man. I’m immediately not interested whenever a woman is involved. Fuck off already

@DrPaulGosar @repmtg MTG please watch your 6 closely, Merrick Garland is out for revenge because Trump didn't appoint him to Supreme Court ! He is now a lose cannon hell-bent to do anything to anybody that get's in his way ! So please go buy you a dozen burner phones and put valuable info in safe storage until needed ! Our Country is in a planned destruction aided by sympathetic or bribed Officials that are too committed to back out now so, I think they will do absolutely anything their Overlords direct them to do !! God Bless America !!!

@DrPaulGosar @repmtg why is it the rookie congresswoman is doing all the heavy lifting and the more senior members are just watching and cheerleading? It says volumes about the system. Time for term limits!



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