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Incubus and Succubus Transformations

The topic of becoming a succubus remains rather popular on internet fora, though I run into occasional men who want to become incubi. A big part of being change into one is the transformation of the subtle body. I decided to write this post because I just came across a blogger’s depiction of his transformation to incubus and I was struck how different it sounded from succubus transformations.

In the case of the instantaneous transformation, the features of the succubus body appear along with all the other changes. I can’t say more because the precise mechanics are a closely guarded secret which I’m told is used to test impostors. The soul processing method seems to cause succubus features to appear gradually, over months or years, and the subtle body adjusts to its changing schematic.

I’m only aware of a single instance that doesn’t match either criterion. The individual suddenly noticed she had wings and a tail, despite not going through succubus conversion. The process could have over less than 24 hours. She was adamant that she wasn’t a succubus despite the obvious subtle body changes. It seems similar to accounts of incubus transformation, though apparently painless and much faster. How it happened remains a mystery since the goddess responsible never explained how it was done and allegedly had no interest in doing so.

One method is that incubus parts are grafted on surgically. The patient simply accepts the new additions and it’s over quickly. I’ve read testimony of this being done in a single session or scattered across years, with strong energy sensations and sometimes pain during the session.

The second way was what I read about recently. The poster described energy being sent through his body through careful surgical incisions and over a few weeks wings and horns grew in spurts during the episodes.



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