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[From "@rollforlearning - The best people in your schools are represented and instead you are disgustingly shaming them"]



I have a question for you since I had to google what the heck that was. Are you wanting books about that for kids who live with it or so all kids can learn about it? Why would kids not exposed to that lifestyle ever need to learn about it? Math?spelling? Writing?

On the off chance that you are engaging in good faith or someone else who is may see it:

We have polyam families in our schools. Their families deserve to be represented. They shouldn't feel like there's something shameful about having more than two parents in their home

Evil dyke (but I'm repeating myself) Shawna is very concerned that children whose parents are swingers aren't going to be "fairly represented" in schools, unless their textbooks and other resources reference (positively, of course) their perverted lifestyle

As you might have guessed, endorsing an unacceptable perversion is certainly on-brand for Shawna and her ilk. Thinking that these nutters "deserve" representation is equally predictable, even though it's wrong[…]Clearly she's incapable of actual "good faith" engaging, but if she were she should be required to answer this question:

You have kids with socially conservative families in our schools, so how are you representing them with your books and practices?

Unlike uranists and trannies and swingers,we actually have a solid moral and intellectual foundation to our lifestyle. I guarantee that Shawna's "equity library" doesn't have anything by Ted Byfield or Rod Dreher or Jonathon Van Maren

So why don't the children with the highest calibre of family get their representation? Why is Shawna only promoting illegitimate lifestyle choices?

Oh, right: self-preservation



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