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Praise Yahweh. I have recently lost my family due to the spirit of esau which naturally resides in all whites. I hate to say this, but 99.9% of whites know their god is Satan, and despise ethnic races.

My family has been toying with my mind the more I bring up these important issues. I went to their baptist church for a decade. A religion designed to turn people away from truth. I felt myself denying ‘Gawd’ and demanding answers. Years later, I’m finally on track. 501c3 churches are Luciferian gatekeeping institutions.Community response teams for Satans empire. Deception comes in all flavors and degrees. 99.9% truth is still a god damned lie. The world HATES Yah due to mainstream ‘christian’ churches who are hate factories, atheist factories.DELUSION mills.

I finally told my family that I, sinnfully, despise all white blood. It wasnt until this point, literally today, that they gave up the act, and admitted that whites are gatekeepers of lies, that they do not care about the Bible, truth or the Creator one bit, unless they are luciferians who invert our holy materials against us, calling the sanctioned white world ‘official’, as if Yah respected permits and stamps. The dark ages flipped the whole world upside down. Blank became “spotless” and full spectrum became ‘black’.

Yesterday my families attitude is that i need mental help, today the gig is up. We “know” everything your saying is true. Its just not our religion. essentially admitting they would choose the antichrist due to their [anti]culture of White Americaism. Ive had this breakthrough before, if you know the “you know that we know i want to kill you but cant blow my cover ” stare you get, its not nice coming from your own family for simply claiming that the tares are satans children,and that if they are expecting to be raptured…

The white man embraces original sin. The fall of man; Satans stall tactic that put him in charge of this temporary, material world. The destruction and perversion of nature, and its replacement with an artificial rape system within a control grid within a control grid within a control gird is the gentiles subconcious end game. Satans desire to be all knowing, all seeing, all present, is being shown right in front of us, and many who refuse to think outside satans box,see him at the highest god of the highest reality. The temporary fallen state of time and sin, the decaying force is their normal state and they embrace the secrecy of protecting this temporary system above all else. They have no interest in eternity because their daddy runs the temporary infinity loop. White have stockholm syndriome, simply put. Protecting the father who molest them. Their beliefe system goes right down to end times where the “luddites” will be demonized for refusing the emergence of transhumanism/nonprivate societies. The dividing line will be mostly seen as racial/social . Hippies hicks niggers and spics on one side, progressives on the other. People groups are reforming , physically. Large numbers of white have grown their hair out and moved west, no one can explain the ‘epidemic’/ Something is happening. We’re getting closer.

I have nothing left in this world, but my salvation from the grace of Yahweh, through Yeshuahs defeat of death. HES THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THE WAY OUT AND ID RATHER BE HOMELESS AND SICK IN THIS WORLD THAN NOT HAVE A LEADER TO THE NEXT WORLD