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Now we got blacks in Lord of the Rings

When I recently looked into new video games to play, I came across an article that praised how “progressive” some mainstream studio was for adding black dudes to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe. The game in question is Middle Earth:Shadow of War. Now, I love progressive causes as much as the libshit next door (no, not really), but that is downright ludicrous. Tolkien didn’t have black dudes in his books, so why should it be seen as laudable to add some after his death? That poor guy! He’d spin in his grave faster than Hitler if he knew about communism having taken over Europe.

But let’s just run with the diversity theme for a bit. Apparently white dudes can’t be among themselves anymore because “dat’s raycis”. Yet, to get some real diversity, why don’t we start shoving white dudes into purely black dudes groups? How about adding a token whitey to an all-black basketball team? Hey, who cares if he lowers average performance? We don’t care about the reverse in our schools either. Or how about putting a token white dude into the next interracial porn that has ten black dudes running a train on some white Western whore? “Here, token white guy, now you go ahead!” It would be downright ludicrous, probably even more ludicrous than wrecking Tolkien’s legacy in the name of progressivism.

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Imagine for a second that you’re an entitled fat bitch who has been told so often that she’s a little princess that she ended up believing it. Even if you’re not fat, your personality is very likely to be toxic. Now look around and you’ll find that there are a lot of Western women like that: entitled, unpleasant personality, and barely able to take care of their own life.

Alek Novy speaks of the “pussy cartel” if I recall correctly. Similarly to how OPEC controls a large part of the world’s oil supply, the pussy cartel controls how often men get laid. It’s an amusing metaphor, and there is some justification behind it. Women in the pussy cartel seem to think that because they are providing (selling?) access to a very desirable resource (sex), they can do whatever they want. (Just look at Saudi Arabia for a real-life comparison.) Since too many men only think with their little head, women believe they will get what they want anyway.

Your typical Western whore may very well think that she is a special snowflake and go on to bang a dozen dudes in her 20s. She thinks she can easily get a quality guy to marry her, should she ever decide to do so. More and more women realize that things seem to have changed, however. Some even speak of a “marriage strike”. It seems that word got out that Western whores aren’t really worth it. Many men don’t even want to date them anymore.

Here’s something to think about: go to a larger Western city, and count how many White male/Asian female (WMAF) pairings you see. Chances are that it’s not an insignificant number. Now, only the more desirable men are candidates for relationships to begin with, so for every white guy who entered a relationship with an Asian woman, some Western woman lost out on getting a stable and desirable partner. More and more white women will learn that they can no longer compete for white guys, so their prospects will be rather dismal.

It may just be my perception, but I certainly have the impression that WMAF pairings are getting more and more common. This now leads me to wonder how white women perceive this. Calling it an “Asia Shock” seems appropriate, in my opinion. Imagine this: Western women get raised to be spoilt brats and everything is fine and dandy because guys are seemingly willing to take their crap — until suddenly competition shows up that completely blows them out of the water. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s not surprising that they are losing out as the women who “steal” their men are more attractive, smarter, and have infinitely more pleasant personalities. Seriously, why wouldn’t you trade a Western harpy for an Asian bombshell with brains who is a joy to have around?

It’s hilarious how Western women try to deal with their competition. Shaming guys is an old favorite. Then there is the old “patriarchy” canard, according to which Asian women are only nice because they are “oppressed” and if you date one, it not only means that you’re an oppressor, it also means that you are not “man enough” to date a Western whore. Dear Western women, if the choice is between a berating bitch and a woman who shows genuine appreciation for her partner, what do you think any guy with half a brain will do? Heck, plenty of guys who are immune to yellow fever rather abstain from sex and relationships altogether instead of getting involved with Western women. Whatever you think you are doing, Western women, I don’t think it’s working anymore.